The New England Pirate Museum

Pirate Banks

What does the word "bank" mean to you? Do you think that it meant the same thing to a pirate?

What do Gardiner Island, CT; Block Island, RI; Tarpoulin Cove in the Elizabeth islands of Massachusetts; the Isles of Shoales, NH; and Darmiscove, Maine all have in common?

How would you have entered any information about any of these places in your journal? Would you have simply written the information, or used some sort of code or "rebus" sentence ?

Remembering that many people could barely read, or could not read at all during the pirate era, make two entries in your journal that refer to a specific location. You may use any of the locations listed above or come up with one of your own.

Now you will team up with another member of the class who will have to read, interpret, and explain your journal entries to the class. Your turn will be next using your partner's journal entries.

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