The New England Pirate Museum

Pirate Dictionary

Part I.

In teams of four (4), alphabetize the following list of words. Then create a dictionary page using either the five underlined or four upper case words. Remember to include guide words at the top of your pages.

	retire        tyrant      scoundrel      piracy	    looting

	ENCOUNTERED   treasure    maniac         brute      lurked

        venture       EXIST       frequent       loot       vessel

        mutiny        EXECUTION   reproach       fix        recruit

        ENTERPRISE    allegiance  rebel          pardon     gruesome

        bowels        heed        repent         prior      notorious

        languish      retrieval

Part II:

Now divide your team into two sets of partners. Each set of partners will take half of the alphabetized list - sixteen words. Then each partner will take half of that list - eight words. Each partner will look up and record the meaning of his eight words on the bottom of this paper. Then, on the back of this paper, each student will take his partner's eight words and use them in sentences that demonstrate an understanding of each word's meaning.

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