The New England Pirate Museum

The Blue Anchor Tavern

The Blue Anchor Tavern was located on the marsh road in Lynn about halfway between Salem and Boston, and it was a favorite pirate hang-out.

Part I

As a group of four, research the 1700's in colonial America to determine building materials, food and drink served in a tavern, serving utensils, customers, customers' dress, money, furniture, signs, accommodations - anything that would help you to sketch a realistic pirate tavern scene. On your visit to the museum take particularly careful notes on the Blue Anchor Tavern scene.

Part II

Make a sketch of what you believe might have been a typical tavern scene.

Part III

Design and produce a bill for the services that the tavern may have provided.

Part IV

Write and present a two minute play in which the bill is presented and discussed. Remember, not everyone could read and write during colonial times.

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