The New England Pirate Museum

Vocabulary Hunt



    1. Find the term that is another name for a pirate's flag.

    2. Find the other name for Edward Teach.

    3. Find the word that means short, curved sword.

    4. Find another name for a ship's freight.

    5. Find the name for a magnetic device used to measure direction.

    6. Find the term that means a "legal" pirate operating with his government's permission.

    7.Find the word that means a revolt by a ship's crew.

    8. Find the name of a small lookout platform near the top of a ship's mast.

    9. Find the word that means to abandon on a desert island.

    10. Find two words that mean to rob or seize by force

	pirate		privateer	buccaneer	mariner

	Blackbeard	Captain Kidd	merchant ship	vessel

	galleon		port		cargo		booty

	bounty		loot		plunder		Whydah

	pieces of eight	cutlass		mutiny		maroon

	prow		rigging		crow's nest	compass

	Jolly Roger

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